This Northeast Florida CIO Council is honored to spotlight two incredible leaders who have given so much towards our mission over the years through positive stewardship and proactive community outreach.

CIO Council Member spotlight
Liz awarded by Len O'Neill

Liz Pierce has been a vital member of the Council since its inception and recently served as leader of our Membership & Events committee. 

Her passion for supporting the next generation of leaders and her amazing entrepreneurial spirit has been an inspiration to so many of us both in and out of the Council.

Liz’s involvement in so many events has truly made them extra special. We thank her for her tremendous energy, event coordination & passion to propel our core objectives.

Dale Johnston has also been so very impactful as Co-Chair of our Talent Development Committee for the past five years. His incredible passion and involvement helped the CIO Council establish STEM scholarships for local college students.

His focus & leadership also extend into this Council’s commitment and participation with our local Stem2Hub Science Fair, which was last executed at Jacksonville’s MOSH.

Many inspired young folks left the event that day with the support and encouragement from our panel of technical judges and sponsors.

Dale awarded by Len O'Neill

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