Northeast Florida CIO Council spotlight: the Regency Centers internship program (NOV -2020)

As a council, we seek to provide opportunities that will benefit local Jacksonville technology talent and our area business partners. Here are some great examples where local internships have yielded positive benefits for all.

Katarina graduates in May 2021 with a B.S. in Computer Science and has received three offers for full time Software Developer positions from different companies.  The Regency internship provided me a lot of value into getting these offers, and your emphasis on networking and career pitches really put me ahead of the game throughout the whole process.

Katarina Capalbo

Here are a few comments from

Katarina about the experience:

  • Not only did the Regency internship help me learn what I truly want to pursue in tech, but it gave me experience in the different areas of IT. At the end of the day, all of IT has to work together in some form to truly make magic happen and having a bit of knowledge in each part helped me out in the long run. Additionally, the networking skills that this internship taught were priceless and that was one of my biggest takeaways.
  • I realized I enjoyed the software side of IT a bit more than the hardware side, and that was where my passion truly was. However, without having the experience I would have been more unsure on what I wanted to pursue.
  • I was able to build a professional network that gave me the skills I needed to land multiple offers and eventually a full-time job before I graduated college.  
  • Of course! Most of the connections I made were in NEFL and I’ve kept up with many of those relationships through LinkedIn. Without the work experience, I wouldn’t have made these connections otherwise.
  • Never stop putting yourself out there and asking questions! As a college student, internship experience can sometimes boil down to what you make of it, but the relationships, network, and wisdom you gain from your coworkers is what will assist you the most in the long run.


We are delighted to report that she has accepted a full time Software Developer role with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Also from University of North Florida is Josie Flickinger who graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science.

Here are some of Josie’s experiences and comments:

Josie Flickinger

I believe that getting an internship while studying courses in college really rounds out your college education and helps reinforce the skills you learn in school while also learning a whole different set of skills from gaining real world experience. 

I believe its very important to try your hand at many different areas in the IT field so you can discover where your passions are and what you want to pursue after graduation. Through my different internships, I gained skills that have helped me get where I am today.

During my internship at Regency, we would meet with local companies around Jacksonville and learn about the different IT career fields from leadership. I found these trips very informative and they helped me decide where I wanted my career to go and what kind of company I wanted to work at. We always made sure to connect with the leadership teams after meeting with them to establish a professional relationship.

I think that gaining real world experience through internships while in college really gives you the necessary knowledge and connections to put you on the right path during the job search that every college senior will go through.

I had two internships throughout college and they were some of the best experiences I had in college. First, nothing beats being in office with other professionals getting hands on experience and working with other passionate people. Secondly, you really learn what fits your groove and what you want to do when you graduate which is extremely valuable.


The members of the Northeast Florida CIO Council are honored to have played a part in internships based in our area and the mutual benefit they provide.

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