The Northeast Florida CIO Council is delighted to spotlight various educational organizations including TEALS.

What is the TEALS Program?

Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS) is a Microsoft Philanthropies program that connects classroom teachers with tech-industry volunteers, through remote and in classroom learning, to create sustainable CS and technology education programs. Teachers learn to teach CS independently over time to ensure all young people are equipped for the future. Microsoft Philanthropies TEALS program ( helps high schools build and grow sustainable, diverse computer science (CS) programs by pairing trained CS industry professionals with a classroom teacher to team-teach CS throughout the year.

TEALS offers two levels of support for schools building a rigorous and sustainable CS program depending on the classroom teacher’s level of CS content mastery: Co-Teach Model and Lab Support Model.

Further information:

In alignment with Microsoft’s focus on inclusive computer science education, TEALS works with schools to create diverse and inclusive computer science classrooms. Through resources and partnership with the Regional Manager, TEALS will help schools take action in the following areas: Diversity in Enrollment, Inclusive Learning Space, and Inclusive Instruction. See: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
The TEALS program serves 10,000 students at 455 high schools in the United States and British Columbia, Canada, and now the TEALS program will be in Jacksonville. TEALS is powered by over 1,500 tech volunteers from 650 companies. Building a diversified talent pipeline, 35% of students identify as female, 34% are underrepresented minorities, and nearly 1 in 5 schools are in rural communities. Further, TEALS students scored 8% higher than the national average on the 2018 AP Computer Science A exam.

TEALS supports three standard high-school course offerings: Introduction to Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles, and AP Computer Science. TEALS also offers support for additional courses and projects as applicable. The most in-depth TEALS engagement model, co-teach, involves a team of up to four volunteers partnering with a teacher to deliver Intro or AP Computer Science A. This model is ideal for teachers just beginning their CS journey. There is also a lab support model. In this model, one or two volunteers work with students in the lab and assist the teacher with class preparations and grading. The lab support model expects that the teacher can complete at least 80 percent of the planning and lessons on their own.

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