As a council, we seek to provide opportunities that will benefit local Jacksonville technology talent and our area business partners. Here is another great example where local internships have yielded positive benefits for all.

We are happy to spotlight Gottlieb & Associate’s recent intern: Danielle Fuglestad. Here are some reflections about her internship experiences:

Interning at Gottlieb & Associates as a Business Intelligence Intern was a very positive experience. The team would push me in the right direction for work assignments without walking me through them step by step, which allowed me to independently solve problems; Because of this, I learned many things that will benefit me in my future career. 

The Gottlieb team also took the time to teach complex BI processes and logic that weren’t related to work assignments that enhanced my learning experience. 

Something I have learned through other internships is that professional networking is very important when starting a new career, and I was able to build professional connections with my mentors and fellow employees despite the internship being fully remote. Gottlieb has a great Business Intelligence team, and I think anyone interested in Business Intelligence would benefit from this internship. 


The members of the Northeast Florida CIO Council are honored to have played a part in internships based in our area and the mutual benefit they provide.

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