As a council, we seek to provide opportunities that will benefit local Jacksonville technology talent and our area business partners. Here are some great examples where local internships have yielded positive benefits for all.

We are happy to spotlight two recent interns: Rachael Cook and Alec Rance. Both successfully completed internships with local Jacksonville companies. Here are some reflections about their internship experiences:


Rachel Cook:

Work experience as part of my college education was integral for gaining insight into the work that I actually enjoy doing. It’s one thing to do it in theory, or to learn something for a test, it is different to do the work on the job on a larger scale.  

Through work experience at Regency Centers, I have been able to build a professional network that has led to more opportunities to interview that I may have not had otherwise. As the saying goes, it’s not just what you know, but who you know. I have gained awareness of lesser known companies in the Jacksonville area which provides me greater confidence in finding a job in NEFL once I graduate. There has been a noticeable difference in the response I receive at career fairs and to applications now that there is work experience on my resume. After Regency Centers I interned with Black Knight. Between the two I feel I have acquired a well-rounded experience of differing knowledge and company culture which will guide me to a career that suits me. 

I encourage all IT professionals still in college to apply for internships and to gain as much experience through internships before graduating as possible. You may be surprised to learn something new about yourself and where your talents lie and meet some incredible people along the way. 

Alec Rance:

I have been doing well in my new position with Fidelity. My experience at Gottlieb &Associates has helped me so much! Here are some of my key reflections:


My time at Gottlieb really helped me round out the knowledge I gained during my time at UNF and decide how I want to move forward in the world of IT. Having real-world experience reminded me of how much I love being challenged and solving problems. 

During my internship, I learned about process automation, which was not covered in any of the courses that I completed at UNF. Within a couple of weeks, I was able to create processes on my own! Now, in my current role, I am able to use that knowledge to help automate weekly reports and updates!

The team was very helpful during my job search, answering all the questions I had about their positions in the company, and reviewing some content for my resume. There are so many job titles in IT that I was not familiar with and having that knowledge helped me narrow down my search closer to the kind of career I want.

I definitely felt more confident in my job search in NEFL while I was interning at Gottlieb. While catching up with some of my peers, I realized how unique my experience was and how it set me apart from other applicants. After updating my experience on my resume to reflect my new experiences, I started to get more responses from job applications and connected with a recruiter who helped me get into my current position!

It’s important to ask questions about everything, even if it doesn’t directly relate to what you’re currently working on. In my experience, the people you’re working with don’t always know what you’ve already learned, but they’ll help you find answers if you just ask. And if you get the chance, connect with some of the people outside of your team; you never know what you might learn from them!


The members of the Northeast Florida CIO Council are honored to have played a part in internships based in our area and the mutual benefit they provide.

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